Wednesday, October 27, 2010


After sitting through 123 interviews that took about 23 hours over 2 days, it is safe to say that I am a little tired. and drained.  But with that, came a breath of fresh air. Definitely not literally since I was stuck inside in the same room for 2 whole days, but spiritually I found myself refreshed. Hearing the countless number of people walk in and talk about servant leadership really boosted my spirits. In this day and time, so many people are looking out solely for themselves. The past two days have helped to show me how being servant-hearted is not a trait that has died.

The BIG Event is a project that has become dear to my heart. Last year serving as a Project Coordinator helped me to continue to develop my leadership skills, but more importantly gave me a chance to minister to people here in this Auburn community. So many times I have found myself trapped in this bubble of my friends where I don’t reach out to those that are hurting right here in the very community I live in. Now I have been given a chance to serve as an Assistant Director of the BIG Event and I am pumped! Especially after nailing down the Project Coordinators for this year’s BIG Event.

The Project Coordinators for this year absolutely blew me away in their interviews. Hearing their faith and how they believe in serving others before themselves was so refreshing. The idea that humility is a foundation of leadership was evident in all of their lives. Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and became a servant. That is what these Project Coordinators want to do. They want to serve this community and put their needs above their own. This is a ministry that we have been given, and I am so excited to see how these Project Coordinators take this opportunity to further His Kingdom and bring glory to His name!

With that excitement, I think my job and ministry opportunity has become clear.  SERVE THESE PROJECT COORDINATORS. Before interviews, I think I had forgotten what servant leadership would look like for me in my position. I have been given a great opportunity to minister to these PC’s, and it would be a shame for me to treat them different from the way I expect them to treat all of the people they will help to serve. Lead by example. I want to wash their feet. I want to show them that in order to lead, I must serve. Lord, you have given me an opportunity to minister to these people. Don’t allow me to let this pass. May you be given all of the glory.

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  1. So encouraged by you Trent! Praying like crazy for the opportunity you have been given!